Monday, May 7, 2012

reflection 7

Hy all,,,,,,
Now let me review all things that we learn in LABCOM course, I got so many new interesting things in this course, I’ill tell you one by one…..
1.      Get to know nicenet : nicenet is Internet Class room Asistance (ICA) which allows for
teachers and students to share idea, to communicated each other, ICA is free for anyone to use and requires only a web browser and a connection to the Internet.  

2.      Using HTML and Photobucket
For uploading your picture on nicenet you can open, edit and copy on

3.      search engine and social bookmarking
we learn about how to bookmarks our links and we can share or knowing people’s bookmarking by joining .

·         Setting up learners goals
·         ABCD behavior
·         Lesson plan
·         Interactive presentasion, 

Those all my review for this post,, and I will update you about my next project….
See you,,,,,,

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