Sunday, May 6, 2012

reflection 5 : lesson plan

Grade Level : junior high school
Lesson title : English language ( expressing opinion)
Class/ semester : VIII/ 1
Estimed duration : 45x2

I.             Standard competency
To express the simple expressions transactional and interpersonal  formal and on going (sustained) in the context of everyday life.

II.           Basic competency
To express the simple expressions transactional ( to get things done) and interpersonal ( social) and formal ongoing ( sustained) by using a variety, spoken language accurately, and appreciate in the context of everyday life and involve the speech act : delivering opinion.

III.          Curriculum goals
This subject in junior high school aims to make the students have tke following capabilities
1.      Develop the competence to communicate in oral and written in for to achieve level of informational literacy.
2.      Delivering opinion in discussion or daily conversation
3.      Accostuming self with English environment.

IV.          Topics : how to express opinion.
·         What is your opinion..?
·         What do you think..?
·         What do you feel about..?

·         I think….
·         From my point of you…
·         I’m in line with you..

V.            Lesson objective
By the end of the lesson, student will bw better able to identify  the expression of expressing opinion in daily conversation.

VI.          Procedure
1.      Devide students into groups
2.      Ask for each group to create some expressions (any kind of expression).
3.      Ask them for practice it with their own groups.
1.       Explain the student what is the opinion with the example.
2.       Show them the short video with express some expression opinion.
3.       Write some expression opinion on the white board.
4.       Read it loudly followed by student
1.       Ask for each groups to create some opinions based on the picture.
2.       Then, ask them to show their conversation in front of class.
3.       Teacher will provide a small present for group wich perform a very good conversation and create a correct expression.
4.       Draw a conculasions for the subject.
5.       Close the lesson.

VII.        Sources
·         Text book (English focus, for grade –VII)
·         Several website

VIII.       Scoring
a.      Techniq : oral test
b.      Instrument : oral questions
c.       Questions example :
·         What will you say to asking opinion?
·         What will you say to refuse opinion?
d.      Ask the student opinion about:
·         TV programme
·         School subject.

IX.          instrument.
·         Laptop with internet conections
·         Classroom wit electricity available
·         Digital proyektor
·         Loudspeaker
·         Marker
·         Eraser.

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