Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reflection 1

Hy all,,,,
in this part I would like to tell about some knowledge that i have gotten from my class two week ago...

well, at the first week we have to know more and familiarize ourself  with nicenet.
nicenet is Internet Classroom Asistant (ICA) which allows for teachers and students to share idea, to communicated each other, ICA is free for anyone to use and requires only a web browser and a connection to the Internet.  

How to join nicenet?
To join this ICA class of course you have the key word from the teacher, than you must register on this link, nicenet will ask your user name, email, or other needed. After following this step you will be a member of nicenet.

What does allow and disallow in nicenet?
Do : creating, discussing, editing, and reflecting on ideas
Don't : don't leave Nicenet for a long time and do not upload file, don't leave nicenet without log out.
Allowed : Nicenet allowed the users to comment each other, knowing information that we not find in the class.
Disallowed :Nicenet disallowed the users to sell anything(marketing place).
How to delete class member?
Of course you must have a class...
then on your monitor will appear "Delete specifick Users".Click " Delete Users", Click Yes when the monitor will showed " Are you sure to want delete Raisa Rahil ?
Finally, Raisa Rahil have deleted as classmember.
Those all what I know about nicenet, hopefully these are usefull for you are…

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