Sunday, May 6, 2012

reflection 4 : setting up learners goals

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Starting this week we focus on final project that require us to prepare all things to teach in front of class using any website related with our topic, and here my first preparation is describing  my class….

I teach in Oemar Diyan Islamic boarding school Indrapuri.
Ø  I teach at the first year student of junior high scholl. About 38 student with a basic English background.

Ø  I use ”buku paket” and some English texts wich suitable for them to unberstand it. I almost never use any laptop ot digital project, this because we  stay in boarding school and the student can’t to bring their own laptop or other electricity. The boarding have a computer lab but unbalance with student as a costumers. So, I only use the white board and marker  for teaching.

Ø  I teach them basic tenses ,I believe understanding English structures really helpfull to increase their English skill,also I teach them pronounciation, giving vocabularies what I know, in order they apply it in their daily conversation. One thing that really help me in teaching English that they use Arabic and English in their daily conversation.

Ø  Hopefully I can teach my student as well as I can, not only for passing their exam but this knowledge usefull for them now and forever .

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